Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Gamescon 2013

Sony: New killzone Shadowfall footage was shown during the conference and looked fantastic.
High quality footage can be seen here

A new trailer for Infamous Second Son was also shown.

Some new screenshots of DriveClub have been released and is also looking much improved. Evolution have also tweeted that a New track and cars are playable on the show floor.

The car in front is beating me, grr

If your looking for a rewarding first person shooter on a handheld. Look no further.

New Killzone Mercenary screenshots can be found here. KillzoneM

Looking amazing on the PSVITA'S 5inch oled screen.

Monday, 19 August 2013



For those who haven't played PlanetSide 2.

It is a free to play FPS game currently on PC and also being developed for Playstation 4.

There are 3 factions of which you can join.

  • Terran Republic
  •  New Conglomerate
  •  Vanu Sovereignty

The action is set on a massive world.

There are many different classes of player.

Light assault
Heavy assault
Exo- suit

You can rank up freely, join squads and generally have fun.

You can also pay(real money) to upgrade and there are many options.