Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us

As I type this I'm currently replaying the game in Survivor mode. 

You play the game as Joel, a tough man with a will to survive and a heartbreaking past.

 Mankind is on it's last legs, and the journey to reach the fireflies, a faction fighting back against the rules of the new world. There are various characters you'll meet throughout the game, with they're own story to tell.
The action throughout the game is Brutal, Fistfights, Shoot-out's and some of the Creepiest enemies to reach a TV screen. 

There are those that are newly Infected called runners, Fungal looking enemies called clickers, and another type which I won't utter here. Plus you'll be engaging against human enemies surviving just like you.

Joel using listening mode, gives you a heads up on the action.

There are twists and turns along the way. The story is very well written and keeps you entertained as do the characters you'll travel and interact with. Graphically the game is stunning, Sunsets, water, characters and your surroundings all do their best to add to the atmosphere.

Up close and personal with a Clicker.( Does not have minty breath)

Weapons come in all shapes and sizes, from the Pistols, to the Shotguns. But you can use other objects in the game to get attention, or just to use as a weapon. You can also upgrade weapons and create your own to wreak even more havoc. Trust me, You'll need them.

Overall I had a blast with this game and is the reason I'm playing through again.

This game is only Currently available on PlayStation 3, but will also soon be coming to PS4 with updated graphics and DLC.

10/10 Single player score.